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18th September 2016

Rivers deep, mountains high…

We just woke up in a friendly hostel in Araç, where we checked in yesterday mainly to do our laundry and recover from the broken previous night. The cause of this broken night was our nice but rather noisy wild camping spot as the “empty” building behind us appeared to be a nightclub/dancing with very

13th September 2016

Güle güle Europe, Merhaba Asia…

Yesterday we left our camping spot for a tea and some breakfast. As a matter of fact, we were not long alone and not allowed to pay for our tea and coffee as our new Turkish friend from Osnabrück took care of this?. The first 60 km were easy stuff because of a strong tail

11th September 2016

It’s tea time…

Today we have a day off to relax, do the laundry, some bike maintenance, write a post and swim in the Black Sea (well, swimming is a bit difficult as the waves are huge due to the ongoing hard wind from NE… Let’s call it thrown around the Black Sea). We found our camping spot

9th September 2016

“Stoempen” to Turkey….

Yesterday morning we woke up next to a chapel in Pendalofos, Greece. With the help of a grumpy old man, who refused to give us a room or camping spot, we decided to head back to the city. With great food and good company we spend our evening in the city centre. That same morning

6th September 2016

Sir Paul and the benefits of Brexit….

Today we arrived in Nova Zagora, most probably our last stop in Bulgaria before entering Greece by the end of tomorrow, as we left the mountainous area behind us. This morning we woke up high in the Bulgarian mountains on an unique camping spot: the lawn in front of two nice villas from American owners,

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