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27th October 2016

Khoda Hafez Iran….

If you think you can rely on the time tables given by the Iranian ferry company to Dubai, you’re wrong! The time table you find on the internet is just indicative and depends on the weather, the season, the number of tickets sold, the faith and mood of the captain, ying/yang and a sniff of

23rd October 2016

From the naked high mountains via the desert to the green palm trees….

We had a nice and relaxed day off in Shiraz and after the obligatory laundry and bike maintenance, we had a hair cut and visited the Vakil bazaar and Karim Khan Citadel.   The day was completed with a dinner in our hotel restaurant Quattro, where a group of other Dutch people were joining us.

19th October 2016

About white Peugeots and blue Nissans…

Today we are enjoying a day off in Shiraz after biking 14 days in a row and several “wild” camping spots. The roads through the mountains in Iran were much higher then we imagined beforehand so it took us a little longer to overcome them; but what a tremendous views and sceneries! Yesterday we reached

15th October 2016

Iran, a country of contradictions…

We are writing this post from a 2-room apartment with a separate shower and toilet in Chadegan. When we arrived we were seeking for “social garden” in the opinion we could set up our tent over there. Instead a nice old man gave his phone so we could speak to his daughter in English. She

11th October 2016

Mission impossible…

In this post we will try to describe (again) the unlimited hospitality of the Iranian people. After we left Tabriz we met bike traveler Nicolas from France. It appears that he had a German mother, like Maurice and that he was born in Guyancourt, the village where Ronald and Bettina lived during their stay in

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