The Gear

Below you will find an overview of our gear. Starting with our bike specifications and an overview of our equipment.


Frame & Fork

Frame Santos Travelmaster 2.6 alu, 19inch (eccentric/belt)
Color Frame Mat Black
Color Letters Blue & Orange
Design Uni 09
Front Fork Santos Travelmaster Front Fork (from steel, extra strong)
Bicycle Headset Santos RVS (A – Head)
Spacers Applicable due to Bicycle Headset (50+20)


Lighting Set LED-Headlight SON blue (hub dynamo needed) and LED-Rear light with battery
Rear Carrier Santos Travel Rack black, extra strong (Santos Design, made by Tubus)
Lowrider Bicycle Parts Tubus Ergo Black
Mudguard SKS Black
Bicycle Stand Rear Stand + Lowrider Stand
Lock Axa Defender with anti-theft chip (ART approved)
Bicycle Pump Lezyne aluminium with tube (Pressure Drive M 120psi)
Bottle + Bottle Cage 2x plastic Santos Bottles including Bottle cage
Bell Compass bell

Handlebar & Saddle

Handlebar Santos M 10, ergonomic handlebar, 58-68cm width
Stem Aluminium adjustable, black, 120mm
Handles Ergon Men with extra-long bar ends, anti-slip
Saddle Brooks Flyer Black
Seat Post Santos alu, extra strong 2-bolt version, black


Rear Derailleur Snubber (required for belt drive)
Crank & Bracket Lightweight Aluminium
Chain Rings Gear belt for belt drive
Chain Gates Carbon Belt-Drive, gear belt for belt drive


Brake + Brake Levers Rim brakes Magura HS33

Wheels & Pedals

Front Wheel 26V handmade holiday wheel with SON hub, blue
Rear Wheel 26A handmade holiday wheel with Rohloff hub, blue
Tires Marathon mondial fold 2.0/50mm
Pedals Santos Touring pedals

Packing List


Reflective vest
synthetic T-shirts
Merino Wool shirt
Fleece sweater/jacket
Breathable rain jacket, pants and waterproof socks
Possibly. waterproof gloves
Short sleeve shirts
Short (Cycling) Shorts
Long-zip off shorts
Racing shorts with chamois
Socks (smartwool)
Thermal clothing or better Merino Wool clothing
Cycling Shoes and slippers


Airport: wide tape and thick pen (Duct Tape)
Airport: spanner 15 for pedals.
Hex Keys
Bike repair utilities
Simson glue
Chain oil (better than sprays)
Foot pump with pressure gauge
Bolt / nuts
Chain tool
Freewheel customer (NBT II)
Spoke Wrench
Saddle Spanner (Brooks saddles)
Retaining clips and tie-wraps and a flat package Duct Tape
Emergency Spokes (Samson) or spare spokes (2 sizes)
Stainless steel spare cables for brakes and derailleurs
Reserve Tube
Spare Tire
Tire Patchers
Swiss Knife
Reserve brake pads (LR)
Crank Trigger (LR)
With hydraulic brakes:

  • Magura repair set
  • Spanner 8
For Rohloff Hub:

  • Rohloff oil change set and Torx 20 (LR)
  • When internal switch mechanism Rohloff: Easy Fit kit (LR)
  • Rear wreath + chain whip(LR)

Sleep & Tent Equipment

Reserve bending stick / hygiene cover
Rigid aluminum pegs
Clothespin free Clothesline
Groundsheet (no plasticizers)
Sleeping pads / self inflating (Therm-a-rest NeoAir)
Sleeping bags / cloth bags
Pillow or cushion Exped
Alite chair


2 super-absorbent towels (better than one large)
Toothpaste and brush 
Floss and toothpicks
disinfectant soap
Brush and / or comb
Shaving device or razors and shaving cream
hand cream
Foot cream
Eye rinse bottle
Glasses in sturdy case
Autan (50% DEET)
Sun Milk (factor 10 and 30)
Jar of Nivea / udder cream / ointment from Sarah
Lip Balm (Factor with high UV filter)
Nail clippers
Paper handkerchiefs

Cooking Equipment

Plates and mugs
Unbreakable lexan cutlery & peeler
Wooden spatula
Reusable tubes (butter and jam)
Press & sealing bags
Gasoline Burner
Wind Display panel for burner
Spare parts for gas burner
Fuel Bottle
Matches (waterproof) / lighter
Sugar and Tea
Waterfilter (Katadyn)
Waterbags (10 liter)
Emergency rations and rice/pasta
Cutting Board
Pepper, salt and herbs
Dish - Soap
Scouring pad and towel

First Aid Kit

Foldable scissors
Plasters and bandages
Pads in wound swabs
Gauze and clips
Dermaplast (no Leukoplast)
Betadinezalf (let op datum)
Tiger balm
Menthol talcum powder (Prickly Heat)
Vitamin pills
Light antibiotics
Malaria Prophylaxis
Safety pins
Clinical Thermometer (digital)
Splinter Tweezers
Emergency Whistles (shouting costs a lot of energy...)
Tick tweezers 
Water purification tablets


Booklet with reduced copies of, e.g.

  • Passport (long journey: business passport)
  • Drivers license
  • Vaccination Passport
  • Tourist cards
  • Insurance documents
  • Flight, Train or Bus tickets
  • Travellerscheques
  • Addresses / emergency numbers
  • medical indication / blood type
Universal Plug
Passport photos
Booklet with pictures of home (To be able to show foreigners)
Phone card / GSM (unlocked free)
Cash Money ($/€ )
Notebook + writing utensils
Head light with LEDs
Camera + extra batteries
(Battery) charger with adapter
Memory cards (2 x 1 GB is better than 1 x 2 GB)
Card Reader and USB cable
iPad or notebook computer
Small binoculars
Clock / Watch
GPS tracker
Sunglasses (UV-A and AV-B resistant)
Reading book / guide
Thin cable lock (lock is very convenient)
Padlock for the Tent
Spare keys
Waterproof Bike bags
Bag to transport the bicycle bags in the plane
Flight Bag

Thanks to:

+31206164091 (phone number of the Vakantiefietser; send spare parts)