Thank you all for a great experience….

This is our final update after we have arrived in the Netherlands safe and sound on Friday.

What a great experience and what an amount of very nice people we were allowed to meet underway.

Despite the negativism in the news and refusal of the media to comment more on positive events, we are returning very optimistic about the way people are able to live together. Our aim was to meet a lot of people and learn about each of the countries cultures. And so we did!!

The last two day’s in Incredible India were, how should we say, ehm just incredible…. After our arrival in Mumbai we had the pleasure in meeting the mother of Nayan. She speaks almost no English but we had a great understanding and delicious snacks whilst waiting for her son.


He took us around the streets for some real Mumbai street food. We had nothing to lose anymore (mission already accomplished…) and tried everything with no regrets at all!! The next morning the Mumbai “nose and tasting” was proceeded with an extended breakfast and fresh brewed coffee! After this we had to hunt for cardboard boxes to pack our bikes. Eventually we found some at a local bike shop and could start the disassembling of the bikes; a sad moment….


A bit later than expected we were able to visit the Hara Krishna temple to learn a bit more about the Hindu religion and returned just in time to get a last delicious Indian dish from the neighbors of mum.


Time to say goodbye and jump into the taxi to the new international airport of Mumbai for our flight back to Amsterdam. We were on time but had a bad surprise when we had to pay € 680,- extra to Jet Airways for our two bikes. This is a ridiculous amount of money, where € 300,- should have been the maximum…


The flight was smooth and we arrived in Amsterdam before schedule. There the luggage was on the belt very fast and once we past the customs a cup of cappuccino was waiting for us. The family reunion was complete as Bettina, Saskia, Vincent and Hannah came to Schiphol for a big hug!


We than reassembled our bikes and took off for a very last track to Bergen.


In the Alderliefste we drunk our meanwhile traditional glass of beer to toast on a safe and terrific journey.


And now it’s time to thank those who contributed to this fantastic journey:

– all our followers and especially those who reacted through our website, Facebook, Email and WhatsApp.

– all the people we have met during our journey, sharing information with us and who were open for discussions about differences and similarities.

– all the people who offered us tea, coffee, water, breakfasts, lunches, dinners or fruit etc. etc., just like that.

– all our hosts who let us stay for the night and offered us a warm shower.

– all the truck, blue Nissan, Tuk Tuk, horse, buffalo and camel drivers who used the horn to warn us before overtaking.

– the one responsible for the weather, providing us with 119 days bright sun.

– Santos, Vakantiefietser and Beukers for the construction and delivery of perfect bikes.

– Mike for the creation of a great website.

– Oli, Nicolas, Linda and Marie for an unforgettable experience in the desert and the Westin.

– Barbara for keeping track on us and sending us millions of WhatsApp’s.

– Eduard, Arina, Shelley, Barbara and Sara for giving us our “protection angels”, who did a perfect job!!


– Bettina for allowing us to leave her for 4 months and for the great support in updating our website.


Last but certainly not least Ronald likes to thank Rob, Marco, Niels, Jarno, Ron and Wendy for running the business of Demaco during his absence. It’s a great privilege to have such a partner and management team allowing you to fulfill one of your dreams. Much appreciated and well done!!

A last word from Ronald to Maurice. It has been a tremendous trek and I cannot imagine anyone else in the world, with whom I would undertake such a challenge. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this unique experience, the fun we had and the great father-son relation! Love you man, and no, I don’t need gel….?

Likewise Maurice would like to thank Ronald. I am extremley greatful that you gave me this opportunity to spend the journey with you. Thank you for being a friend, rather than a dad. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, honesty and vision in all the conversations we had. Your a true inspiration!!

Much love, Mo



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  1. Congratulations on this great achievement! And after some well deserved rest, I hope Maurice will take the next step in his hotel career 😉 ! Kindest regards from Maastricht, Ankie

  2. WELL DONE, INCREDIBLE, VERY IMPRESSIVE, a lifetime adventure to be told to your children and grandchildren. All the best wishes for your future from now 😉 Peter

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