And here we are in good old Mumbai…


saputara on-our-way-to-nashik-3

After our stay in snake-city Saputara, we headed through the mountains to Nashik. This road (and scenery) was even more exciting than the one we had the previous day.

on-our-way-to-nashik-1 on-our-way-to-nashik-2

We had an appointment in a so called company guesthouse from Ashoka, a big conglomerate of numerous companies. We met Jaspal already the day before during biking and the selfie he put on Facebook was enough to get recognized in a 1.5 million people-city as we entered Nashik… Vyom was waiting for us on the street and directed us to the guesthouse. Don’t ask how, but everything seems to be organized and you never feel lost.

a-nice-gitft-and-warm-welcome-in-the-ashoka-guesthouse-1 a-nice-gitft-and-warm-welcome-in-the-ashoka-guesthouse-2

After a shower it was already time to visit the Ashoka college, where we held a presentation for the students and teachers. A very interested audience with lots of questions to answer, not to forget the large amount of selfies, resulted in a successful event.

presentation-ashoka-college-2 presentation-ashoka-college-1 presentation-ashoka-college-4 presentation-ashoka-college-3

That evening we were invited for dinner at a winery called Sula. The great wines and delicious (Italian) food were unexpected and the scenery of grapes were all over the place.

sula-winery-2 sula-winery

Vyom brought us home safely and only 4,5 hours later our alarm woke us up for the next exciting day. It started with a come together with the “Cyclists family of Nashik” on the middle of the road and after a short track together we were welcomed by the president, teachers and staff of the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, who supports a college, a poly technical school and a primary school.


This foundation is a social initiative of the family Singh, owners of a big company in stone breaking equipment. We were humbled to meet the founder of the company who, at the age of 84, is still active in society!

presentation-gur-bind-singh-foundation-1 presentation-gur-bind-singh-foundation-2

We had a presentation from the foundation and then got the podium to share our experiences of our trek, but not before our traveling was blessed in the local Sikh temple.


The Nashik Newspaper was present for an interview and we could only leave after ca. 786 selfies and 243 pictures….


On the road again and this time heading to Mumbai. We took the high-(and only) way and searched for a suitable hotel. The first one was too disgusting and the second and third one were hotels but without any rooms…. finally we could check in at the Vrindanvan guesthouse were we had good food and a perfect sleep.


Today we had to realize that it was our 120th day on trek after we left Bergen (NL) on the 3rd of August; our last day on the bike in India!! It was an easy journey whilst most of the time downhill and we arrived in Mumbai on schedule.


The first message we got was a picture of the Nashik newspaper of today with a huge article about our trek!


In CafĂ© MANGII at the Powai lake we found a nice lunch and celebrated our safe arrival of our destination city with a chilled glass of Kingfisher Ultra….???.


Mission accomplished!



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  1. Congratulations!!! You’ve made it!! With great respect we were following you daily and became very addicted to follow your whereabouts, photo’s and your stories.

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