Who lets the bulls out……

After picking up our bikes in Abu Dhabi last Friday, we hit the road to Al Ain. This is a nice city at the border to Oman. Due to the very short night before, we decided to award ourselves with a hotel and really found one in the middle of the desert. This was the worst quality/price ratio we have encountered so far….


Three drips of water per Minute came out of the shower, the Airco with the noise of a Boeing 747 had two modes (extremely hot or extremely cold), the tv was interacting with the TL-lights, no meals and breakfast available; but boiling water was served complimentary, so we could prepare our Nescafé and Good Noodles?.

real-desert water-in-the-desert

The next day we targeted a place somewhere in Oman, but Ali didn’t allow us. This very friendly helicopter pilot, payed for our breakfast and invited us for lunch in his place in Al Ain.

lunch-with-ali-2 lunch-with-ali-1

We only biked 58km this day, as we were also invited for a sleep next to the camels at his farm in the desert. Before that we met the friends and neighbors of Ali (who left us for a couple of hours to work at the airport). They surprised us with fresh camel milk, dates and nice conversations.

falcon falcon-2

On top of that we were invited to see them train their falcons (each with a price tag between €15.000 and €50.000?) in the desert, which was indeed a superb experience (except for the poor Turkey, who didn’t survive the attack of the Falcon…?).


Then it was tea time of course with delicious sweets. Ali was a bit later as expected so dinner was late too and we had to skip the camel farm. Instead we slept in his house and were served with an extended breakfast and fresh laundry the other day.


Time to say goodbye and to cross the border of Oman. At this border we couldn’t buy a visa but were directed to the police station 14km away. At this police station they directed us to another border halfway our track to the coast, another 50km away. Finally we could buy our visa here and reached the beach after 128km of biking.


A nice camping spot on the beach and a dive in the Indian Ocean was our reward. A very weird situation came up when two men were casually walking with a huge bull along the beach…


The day before yesterday we biked along the coastline in the direction of Muscat. A fantastic road with nice views and friendly people everywhere.


Invited for lunch by a taxi driver and we witnessed a few camels who were taken for a walk on the beach; “may we take a picture?” Sure please jump on the camel and so Maurice did….


Another bull was taking a fresh nose and it appeared that this was in preparation of a bullfight which is allowed in the stadium of Barka.


Yesterday we reached Seeb after passing the huge gardens and palace of the Sultan of Oman. Unfortunately concealed by high walls and armed guards.


We had great grilled fish for diner and had to walk back to our hotel with our shoes in our hand because of the high tide…..




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  1. Still great to follow this amazing adventure. Maurice come and talk to our students when you come back! We’ll supply a price/qualitywise meal!

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