From the naked high mountains via the desert to the green palm trees….

We had a nice and relaxed day off in Shiraz and after the obligatory laundry and bike maintenance, we had a hair cut and visited the Vakil bazaar and Karim Khan Citadel.

maintenance bazaar-vakil

ronald-at-barber-shop maurice-at-barber-shop karim-khan-citadel-shiraz

The day was completed with a dinner in our hotel restaurant Quattro, where a group of other Dutch people were joining us. The day after we moved on in the direction of Bandar Lengeh.

naked-mountains_bearbeitet-1 naked-mountains-2_bearbeitet-1

The altitude of Shiraz was already lower and the average temperature accordingly higher, but we were still very much surprised to see a lot of palm trees and Mediterranean sceneries on our way to Lar.


It was almost too good to be true to set up our tent under the palm trees, but at the first knock on the door, we were warmly welcomed by Ahmed


(the palm orchard boss and the proud owner of a self constructed BMW), where we stayed for the night in his cottage.

ahmed-and-his perfect-camping-spot

That night we ate fresh palm dates, almonds, walnuts and pomegranates with Amal, the Afghane employee. What a taste!!


Yesterday we had a nice day of biking, got invited for lunch and could have stayed for the night with at least 3 different families…, but decided to search for a nice camping spot in the middle of nowhere.


Until a motorist passed by and as curious as the Iranian people are, the guy inspected our tent, kept speaking in Farsi (not our most developed language yet), and witnessed how we prepared for diner. Only after Ronald took of his trouser and started changing clothes, he disappeared as fast as lightning and we finally got our privacy back?.

camping-in-the-middle-of-nowhere2_bearbeitet-1 camping-in-the-middle-of-nowhere_bearbeitet-1

This morning a herd of 150 goats, 1 donkey and 1 herdsman woke us at 6.30h, our regular time to get up.


We had again a perfect track, met a lot of people underway and found a nice hotel in the new town of Lar (yes there is also an old town of Lar…).


The shower was refreshing, the internet terrible as always and the pizza and chicken a nice variation to all the kebab from the last days. The owner of the “Pizza Hut” spoke fluent English, as he worked in Qatar for 14 years, and refused any payment for our complete dinner and drinks; that’s the Iranian style from head to toe. They are really eager to modify the wrong (negative) image abroad and like to discuss this with every foreign visitor or tourist.

By the way, coming back to our previous post about the white Peugeots and blue Nissans… Underway you also find a huge number of Mercedes Benz trucks (usually with a orange nose) from before 1979 on the road. That was the year Khomeini took the power…




3 Comments on “From the naked high mountains via the desert to the green palm trees….

  1. Hello guys,
    it’s so good to hear from you again after weeks of missing you and your stories. I once called Bettina to find out wether you had got lost in the desert, been taken to prion or caught in an accident. What a relief to hear that you both are alright and that only internet is not always on your side…
    Great stories and photos! I really envy you!
    Lots of greetings from Munich – at the moment we enjoy the famous „golden October“ .
    All the best

  2. Hi Andrea,
    Wifi and 3G/4G is indead terrible over here, but we posted on a regular basis. There was also a bug on our website, not sending the email notifications anymore. This should be fixed now.
    Thank you for your concerns, but we’re doing very well and enjoyed a super month in Iran!
    Today we will try to get our tickets for the Dubai ferry…

  3. hallo ronald en maurice

    Hier even een berichtje van ons wij hebben veel bewondering van wat jullie aan het doen zijn vooral jan die is maar aan
    het schrijven hoever jullie per dag komen wij wensen jullie nog veel fiets plezier en gezondheid toe.
    liefs en groetjes mam en jan

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