Tabriz, never a dull moment…

Yesterday we left Tabriz, after 2 days off, and with pain in our heart. It was sad to say goodbye to our new friend Omid who introduced us to his family and close friends and showed us the insides of Tabriz. But the memories are great! When we approached Tabriz on Sunday evening,


Omid was already waiting on the road to guide us with flashing lights to his very nice apartment. We were offered a warm shower and our own bedroom to spend the three nights. The same evening we were invited for diner together with his wife Azade and friends Mohamadreza and Sahar. The restaurant was situated on a hill overlooking the city. To finalize a tremendous evening, tea and baklava was offered at home.

bazaar-2     bazaar

Next morning after breakfast we headed downtown to visit the famous bazaar ( the biggest covered bazaar in the world and protected by UNESCO) and changed our Euros for Rials against a fair ratio this time… After that, we were impressed by the Constitutional Revolution Museum, we visited with our host.


Next stop was the blue Mosque, who lost a lot of color due to heavy earthquakes in the past. Lunch was served in a traditional bazaar restaurant with kebab and yoghurt.


Then we drank coffee in an extremely modern shopping mall. Ronald needed a belt (lost too much weight…) and we bought some extra baklava for the tea time at home. In the evening we were invited by Siyamak and Masha for Italian food, which was a nice variation to the kebabs we ate so far. In the evening we met the father of Omid, a very warm and wise person and a famous surgeon in Tabriz. Of course there was tea and a couple of new friends to talk with. And this was only day one…???

Next morning Azade prepared our breakfast so we could relax and take time to change the chain on Maurice’s bike and change oil in the gearbox of Ronald’s bike. After checking all bolts and nuts, the tires and brakes, we were ready to move to Kandovan.


Underway we were invited for a traditional lunch called Abghoost. A hot boiling pot with meat, vegetables, spices and beans is served with bread. This bread is used to adsorb the bouillon and than you should mash all the remaining ingredients to a paste. It’s absolutely delicious!!


ronald-eting-on-the-ground maurice-etentje_

Kandovan is a place (again under protection of UNESCO) where people built their houses inside the remains of a volcanic rupture. The reason is that it isolates perfectly both in the warm summers and cold winters. After a tea we headed to our apartment to prepare for our route to Bandar Lengeh. Thanks to the directions of Omid we will have a safe and beautiful track. The next invitation was waiting for us because Masha insisted on cooking the traditional Kofte for us. After nice discussions, piano music and again gorgeous food (and tea…) we went completely overwhelmed to bed.


Then it was time to say goodbye and move on with our trek. We like to thank Omid for introducing the Iranian way of living, the culture, the traditions, his family and friends to us. We will never forget this and are enjoying our stay in Iran even more and with a lot of extra and positive knowledge.

Taashaaktor and Goda Hafez!!



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