Month: September 2016

Today we had a day off to do the laundry, recover our b***s and do some maintenance on our gear.

Serbia 5

We’re very happy with the sustainability of our Santos Travelmasters. After almost 3000 km’s they are still in a perfect condition. Maurice is with a Shimano XT group and Ronald with a Rohloff-belt-drive underway. Another piece of luxury we would never refrain from are our “Helinox” chairs. They are light, easy to assemble and oh so comfortable after a long day biking!

Serbia 6

As you might be aware as a follower of our trek, we use a tracker to show our position on our website. The tracker needs power and the good thing is that we both have a hub dynamo connected to an E-work converter, enabling us to power the tracker as well as our i-phones as long as we drive > 15 km/h.

Last but not least we would like to mention the “elastic-net-with-6-hooks” from “de Vakantiefietser” Amsterdam. This is a € 9,95 tool giving us a huge amount of pleasure in storing everything you can imagine. For instance our fishing rod that was given to us by our Demaco colleagues.

Serbia 4

To conclude, a relaxing yet productive day…and on that bombshell, it’s time to say goodnight. ?