I love it when a plan comes together….

Today we reached the border of Iran! It’s unbelievable how fast eight weeks passed by and how different all sceneries were during the last eight days.


We planned to be at the border the 1st of October and that from Samsun, it will take us five days to Erzurum and another three days to Bazargan (Iran).


Although the conditions and circumstances were completely different then expected, we’re there!!! Ice-cold weather conditions (strong winds and temperatures below -6°C in the night), very high mountains (several times we have climbed above 2200 meters) and two upset stomachs have made it a real effort to stick to our plan.


But the reward you get in return is hard to describe in words, a little emotional even…


Never have we thought that Turkey had this kind of beautiful wilderness. Fjords like in Norway, rough mountains like in the Scottish highlands, a coastline that reminds you of the Côte d’Azur and a visibility over the mountain ranges that is unheard of.


All of the above mentioned made our last track in Turkey unforgettable. Watch yourself: video-turkey


We now have managed 50% of our initially planned distance, have used 58 days for it and biked a little over 6000km.


(If you look closely, you’ll see Mount Ararat (from Noah’s Ark…) in the background!)

With 2 days in credit (as we calculate with an average of 100km/day), we allow us to have a day off tomorrow?



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