Facts & Figures…

Yesterday we passed the 5.000 km mark and we thought it’d be nice to provide our dear followers with some facts and figures, while we’re enjoying a cup of tea.


On the bike:

Today we have biked 5.124 km from Bergen (NL) to Samsun (TR) in 49 days (including 7 days off). We bike on average 122 km/day. The lowest recorded speed was 4,2 km/h (uphill) and the highest was 78,4 km/h (downhill). Please be aware that there is a slight difference between our tracker and the real biked distances (~2%).


In the morning we bike until we find a bakery. There we eat 8 bread ( or the local equivalent like Weißwürste in Bavaria or Turkish puff pastry), drink 4 tea or coffee and 1 liter of juice. We also buy bread for lunch which we complement with cheese, meat, marmalade and honey. Another liter of juice, 4 pieces of fruit (apple, pear, banana, melon, grapes, peach, etc) and 500 gr. of yoghurt makes every lunch a feast.

While biking we eat about 8-12 pieces of baklava? and 4 candy bars and drink about 12 liters of water during the day.


For dinner we buy local food as much as possible along the street. This means tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, eggplant, sausages –> cheap and delicious!! We easily manage to eat 1 kg of this stuff combined with pasta or rice. Again a liter of juice and occasionally a liter of beer for “isotonic” energy.



So far, we were invited 8 times at somebodies home, used 32 camping spots (sometimes official sometimes non-official) and booked 9 room nights in a hostel.


Physical stuff:

We both lost 6 kg weight and apart from some muscle aches and a raw b*tt, no serious injuries are detected. (Knock on wood!!)


The only problem so far was one broken chain, which could be repaired on the spot. The rest of our gear works still perfectly.



1 day of rain in Germany, one short but heavy thunderstorm in Austria and a few drops of rain in Turkey yesterday. For the rest we are spoiled with a huge amount of sun every day☀️




4 Comments on “Facts & Figures…

  1. Nice update, thank you Ronald & Maurice for sharing the facts & figures with us! In a couple days you resolve half your trip, I daily knock on wood that it will continue to be safe and beautiful. Thanks to today’s technology it was wonderful to see your comment during last weeks’ presentation 🙂 and starting Sunday,I will follow you from somewhere around the Cape of South-Africa…

  2. Hoe leuk om steeds weer een update te lezen van jullie geweldige reis!! 5000Km gefietst… Gemiddeld 122km per dag. Super knap!!! Wij hebben dit weekend100km in2dagen gefietst en wij waren al trots ??.
    Geniet van deze geweldige ervaring en wij kijken uit naar de volgende posts!!

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