It’s tea time…

Today we have a day off to relax, do the laundry, some bike maintenance, write a post and swim in the Black Sea (well, swimming is a bit difficult as the waves are huge due to the ongoing hard wind from NE… Let’s call it thrown around the Black Sea).


We found our camping spot yesterday afternoon just along the beach in Yaliköy, after a short but off-the-road track from Kiyiköy.


Again we are confronted with only very nice local people. If we would accept every tea offered to us, whilst entering another small village (there is always a square around a mosque and a group of old men drinking their tea on a terrace), we would only manage to bike 10 km’s a day…


Already two days ago (time really flies…?), we checked in at the Marina Hostel, where the host appeared to be a real entertainer, with a huge smile on his face and of course tea for free!


The next morning we were served with traditional Turkish breakfast, homemade by the mother of the host. He learned us some Turkish words and we left as a friend of the Marina Hostel. Thank you (teşekkürler) Kaan, we really enjoyed your enthusiasm and hospitality.

And now it’s tea time?



8 Comments on “It’s tea time…

  1. Nothing beats a Turkish breakfast or Turkish hospitality in general! Maurice, we will include your website in the Funda uitreiking , where you will be missed!

    1. Hey Mrs. Hoefnagels,

      Thank you very much for the comment. The hospitality here is indeed exceptional and we very much enjoy the tea ?
      Sounds great that you are going to include the website during the funda uitreiking, if you want me write a message or so please let me know.

      Ronald & Maurice

  2. Amazing journey. Makes me want to pack my bags and take off. Well written posts, thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see you here! With this pace, you’ll be in the UAE in no time.

    1. Linda!!
      Thank you very much and we are looking forward to Dubai too. Probably the end of October/ beginning of November we will arrive. So you can show us around Dubai then hopefully ?

  3. Inderdaad Asia, here they come!!
    Wat geweldig! Vandaag dus de Bosporus over. Dat zal mooi geweest zijn.
    Het ga jullie goed mannen!
    Groet van Anne Brouwer.

    1. Hoi Anne,

      Helaas hebben wij niet de nieuwe brug mogen gebruiken maar zijn wij met het pontje overgestoken. Dit ging prima en nu richting Iran ?
      Groetjes, Ronald & Maurice

  4. Tjonge jonge jongens, wat een mooie tocht! Tijd hebben, tijd maken. Prachtig. Elke dag droom ik een beetje mee! Geniet and take care.
    Bart Boersma.

    1. Hoi Bart,
      Wij genieten met volle teugen van de mensen, het landschap en van elkaar. Niet alleen denken maar ook doen is het devies?

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