“Stoempen” to Turkey….

Yesterday morning we woke up next to a chapel in Pendalofos, Greece. With the help of a grumpy old man, who refused to give us a room or camping spot, we decided to head back to the city. With great food and good company we spend our evening in the city centre.


That same morning we also met Victoria, a nice lady from the Czech Republic, who is hiking between 15 and 45 km’s a day! She is destined to reach Istanbul in the coming week. Respect! đŸ˜‰


Before noon we managed to cross the border to Turkey. Here we were confronted with a strong head wind that accompanied us all the way down to Kirklareli. On top of that, the roads went up and down providing us with an extreme interval training. Probably the toughest cycling day we had so far.


However, we managed to reach 122 km, seen a lot of cities and beautiful landscapes and not to forget we met the non-official mayor of a Demirhanli (Turkey), who invited us for a refreshing drink. Our day ended in a vibrant city with positive energy.


In the Netherlands we would use the word “Stoempen” to describe our style of biking today. You either have it or you don’t… It’s got to run through your veins!




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  1. Hey, Maurice en Ronald, petje af voor al die kilometers die jullie al gefietst hebben. Wat een mooie verhalen en wat een geweldige ervaring tot nu toe! Hou vol, we volgen jullie met veel belangstelling! Groeten Cees en Hannie van de Kreek.

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