Sir Paul and the benefits of Brexit….

Today we arrived in Nova Zagora, most probably our last stop in Bulgaria before entering Greece by the end of tomorrow, as we left the mountainous area behind us.

Lake in the mountains

This morning we woke up high in the Bulgarian mountains on an unique camping spot: the lawn in front of two nice villas from American owners, who were not at home this week (thank you guys anyhow!).


Ten percent of the population of Turkincha (they have in total 100 inhabitants…) directed us the previous evening to this nice spot. After we entered Turkincha, we asked in the local café for sleeping options. On the question “do you speak a bit of English”, we got the clear answer “of course I do, I’m from Manchester UK”. That was Paul who left the UK 5 years ago and established himself,  surrounded by several retired English couples, as an independent Do-It-Yourself for every imaginable task around renovations of houses and gardens.

Ferrari 360

The most impressing thing was his private car, apart from a truck and a van; a nice red Ferrari 360…. That was the last car you’d expect on such a rural place…! 😉




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