Ja man, de Toppers in Bulgaria….

At the border of Romania to Bulgaria, we had to queue for the very first time on our trek. Lined up between the cars (most of them with a trailer carrying three or more cars), we could witness how one car dropped of the trailer right in front of us; we do not want to imagine what could have happened if this was on the road with 100 km/h…

In Bulgaria we were confronted with a completely different landscape and culture, unbelievable with just the width of a river in between…  Beautiful views over huge fields, predominantly corn and sunflowers, on both sides of the road as far the eye can reach.


But….no single suitable camping spot. At the end of the day with 130 km on our odometer, it was time to ask in a “café” whether we could make use of their lawn. Instead we were offered a free beer and they called a local named Kiro, who lived in the Netherlands for 10 years.He came immediately and invited us for a BBQ, a drink (or two) and offered us the guest room and shower!!

Ronald Bulgaria

Together with his wife Tinka, Puffy (the dog with a Dutch passport) and neighbor we had a great evening listening to the music of Patricia Paay and the Dutch Toppers (even our Dutch prime minister visit their concerts).

Maurice - Toppers

Something we cannot forget to mention were the home grown tomatoes… The juiciness, texture and flavor were unheard of.

friendly people Bulgaria

At the end of the night we were invited to a local party with live music and dance. What a nice hospitality and warm welcome to Bulgaria!! Thank you guys, “ja man, is geen probleem”



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