Vienna – City of Music and Art

…and The Schnitzel, gorgeous cakes, a huge variety of coffee preparations, beautiful parks, nice shops, the Donau channel, amazing buildings and so much more. With a two-day rest we had plenty of time to enjoy and experience this beautiful city together with Bettina.


However, before we reached Vienna we had some difficulties to find our way out of Linz and lost a lot of time. Thankfully, a group of Austrian guys on Mountain bikes (Stammtisch Gäste), provided us with a 25 km long slip stream with an average speed of 35 km/h.


The road from Emmersdorf to Vienna was characterized by a number of picturesque villages and numerous vineyards. With a high tempo we reached the city of Tulln were we regained our energy with ‘the Kaiserschmarrn’ (a typical Austrian dish) in order to bike the remaining 40km to Vienna!

Tomorrow we will resume our trip along the river Donau to Bratislava. From there we will follow the Iron curtain bike track who will guide us to Istanbul.

Now that our holiday is coming to an end, our real adventure is about to start…Exciting!!!

Bettina und Mo Donaukanal






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  1. Even your „holiday“ is over …keep on cycling!!! It’s great to follow you and to read your reports. Too bad I missed you when you came to Munich but at least I had two nice days here with Bettina. We promised her to join you all next year for Jazz and Sail in Bergen, our home for 5 wonderful years in the 90ies..

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