A short summary of the past 4 days

On our second day we crossed the Veluwe (a national park) and reached Arnhem where we met a guy who was interested in bringing our story into the local newspaper.

We then crossed the border to Germany where we decided, over dinner, that the first three weeks of our trip (roughly up until Vienna) will be considered a holiday and the rest of the journey as hard work!

On day 3 the weather gods were against us, as we got absolutely soaked three times during the day. However, the day ended on a positive note with great hospitality in Düsseldorf, courtesy of the family Grobler (warm shower, great food, nice beer, fresh laundry, a real bed and lots of chatting).

On day 4, with great weather and a high pace, we managed to reach a camping spot in Koblenz (160km)  where we met a lot of co-bikers. Together with another father/son duo (from Cologne) we enjoyed a couple of beers during dinner.

Day 5 was marked by the crossing of three rivers: the Moselle, the Rhine and the Main. On top of that, a old chap took advantage of our slip stream for about 25km. He told us that he bikes his track (140km) once a week: Respect!

In the late afternoon we tried to check-in, with our tent, at ‘Kloster Erbach’ (a monastery) but the nuns were too celibate to welcome us. As a result, we ended up at a camping spot in Mainz a couple of kilometers further…

Post 3 - MauricePost 3 - Kloster ErbachPost 3 - along the Rhine, Germany



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