"Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy."

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

Maurice has recently finished his study and Ronald has been involved in Demaco for 30 years now. The trip is the perfect opportunity to look back and reflect so that the view looking forward is even clearer. Our first trip was back in 2003 and it became apparent that we enjoy one another’s company while biking. It was during one of our bike trips that the idea of biking all the way from Bergen to Mumbai was first introduced.

We chose India as our final destination as Ronald made some great experiences, both personally and professionally. Maurice only just came back from living in Vietnam for a year and was intrigued by the differences in culture and generations. This paired with an ache for distant places makes India the perfect place to mark.

Ronald Dekker


Born on December 19th, 1961 in Waarland, the Netherlands

Study & Career

I studied mechanical engineering and business administration and spent almost 4 years abroad working for different companies in the USA, Germany, Algeria and France. After that I joined the company Demaco, first as General Manager, later on as Director. I took over the company in 1996 and today I spend most of my time with customers in business development, large projects and strategy.


Besides bicycling (mountain bike and trekking) of course, I’m a fan of cooking (Green Egg) and spending quality time with good friends. Reading newspapers and books and visiting the local movie house (“Zwarte Schuur”) cannot fail in this chapter. Last but not least I enjoy traveling for my work and leisure.

Inspired by

Bettina, Ghandi, “Good to Great”


Carpe Diem!


Born on May 4th, 1993 in Alkmaar, the Netherlands 


I studied 4 years at the Hotel Management School Maastricht and recently came back from my managerial internship in Vietnam.


Next to biking (both mountain bike and trekking), I enjoy practicing all sorts of sports (tennis, football etc.). My studies have contributed to the passion for food and beverages. I enjoy taking the time on a Saturday to buy the ingredients on the market and then prepare them at home, accompanied with a good wine. The joy of travelling has grown upon me in recent years. Lastly, and perhaps most of all, I like being surrounded by people and cherish quality time with friends and family. However, I don’t mind the occasional Netflix evening.

Inspired by

My parents, Richard Branson


Wat er ook gebeurt, altijd blijven lachen! (Dutch slogan: “Whatever happens, always keep smiling”)